How do I start?

Start your converting conversations
with a MTNGX

Every marketing challenge starts with a good brainstorm.
MTNGX are fixed meetings between you and ADPNDX to get your conversation started.

What is a MTNGX?

3 steps in meeting up

A MTNGX meeting is a bit like a first date. We both get ready, arrange a quick date so we can get to know each other, and make an evaluation afterwards. No strings attached.


ADPNDX prepares some basic questions to challenge you and us during our first encounter. This preparatory material will be sent to you up front so we can dive deep into your challenges right away.


We believe in co-creation. Because the best ideas come from working together. That’s why we start off by working together in MTNGX. A one-way show where we just come and present is a no-go.


After co-creation comes advice. We go home, process the input, write down our vision of the approach we should take, and deliver a straightforward action plan. After that it’s up to you. Whether you want to take the ADPNDX challenge or whether this was just the push your team needed to go forward.

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