Hi, we are ADPNDX

ADPNDX® is all about
converting conversations

We see brands as living business assets. For us, conversion is the main KPI for your brand’s performance.This approach departs from today’s online marketing dogmas. Because we believe tomorrow’s storytelling is all about storyselling. ADPNDX® helps you turn brand value into profitable growth.

Why you should connect to our Hi2Buy hub?

Hi2Buy storyselling is the new telling

Don’t settle for online conversations as a primary goal. For your brand, reach and engagement should lead straight to sales. In everything we do, our thinking is based on two levels. The level of conversation, and the level of conversion. We are like a wireless hub, equipped with a set of competences, methodologies and expertises, ready to connect to your brand. Together with you, we define your challenge, messaging, contact mapping and desired behavior on the Hi and Buy-level.

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